The Recovery Writing Workshop is a collaborative process. We read examples of published work by writers who have bravely risked telling their own stories. Over the course of the workshop, you are given prompts that create structure for stories that often have no form. We write, reflect, and offer feedback to each other in a confidential community. You are encouraged to read from your works in progress which decreases individual feelings of shame regarding stigma attached to trauma. We support each other’s stories in empathy, knowing that we can’t fix problems but can encourage each other to be seekers in their solutions. At the end of the workshop, we celebrate our progress with a voluntary group reading of the stories participants have given their hearts to over our time together.

WorkShop Structure

Recovery Writing Workshops are tailored to fit your group’s needs. A sample 3-Day Workshop On-Site Session might work in this way:

  • 3 writing workshops, each 2 ½ hours in length (with a break for food, etc.) for a total of 7 ½ hours for 12 participants.
  • A second session of 3 writing workshops could be offered to accommodate more participants for an additional 7 ½ hours.
  • Group reading at the end of the Workshop
  • Structured assignments, discussion of works in progress
  • KERRY NEVILLE reads from her own work, discusses her recovery journey, and offers a Q & A with members of the community for 1 hour.
  • KERRY NEVILLE is available to meet with participants one-on-one for an additional 8 hours over the days in residence to discuss writing in progress, and individual writing goals
  • At the end of the Workshop, participants have the opportunity to join in a group reading of their works in progress.

Workshops can vary in length and daily intensity: from one day to one week. Additionally, one-on-one online coaching schedule depends upon the individual needs.


I am happy to discuss tailoring the Workshop to meet the needs of your group. Fees vary according to residency requirements. Additionally, your group is asked to cover any necessary travel expenses.