Recovery Writing Workshops guide you in the writing and voluntary sharing of your story from illness into wellness. Guided expressive writing can heal trauma. Recovery Writing Workshops assist you in utilizing the power of your own writing to transform the past, and to provide a path to a more reflective, healthier future.

I offer on-site workshops at your recovery center or for your recovery group, and am available for in-person or on-line recovery writing coaching. Trauma is incoherent by nature, and can rob you of agency. The workshop progressively guides you through a series of structured writing prompts which allows you to control how your story is told and to gain retrospective understanding in deliberate, contained reflection. When you find authentic words that authenticate your experiences, you begin to reclaim both your voice and your power.


  • What I wanted to share was very raw but working with specific directions helped me to be more organized in my thinking and more confident since I gained perspective and closure and am able to see my progress.

  • My psychologist recommended the workshop as a way to add to the work we were doing. I wanted a different outcome in my writing that the usual depressing dead-end. Through the process, I became my own hero and no longer suffer in silence.

  • “This one-on-one coaching has been such a great insight into many aspects of my addiction. Kerry has been a breath of fresh air and the bright spot in my recovery. I will forever be grateful.”

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